Graphene Collagen Pillow Case


Incredibly soft graphene collagen pillow case with smart sensing visable reaction when activated. The graphene in this cotten blended pillow case absorbs body body heat from your head and neck, and coverts the heat into therapudic far infrared rays, leaving your pillow cool to the touch, while the far infrared rays increase circulation and blowflow to your head.  Included collagen formulation in the blend is soft on your skin, and creates a moisture barrier, firming skin surfaces on your face while you sleep upon it.  Get the benifit of the anti-aging qualites of collegen, while at the same time the graphene provides cooling, by absorbing radiant heat and converting it to far infrared rays that benifit your body.   

Additionally includes smart sensing technology denoted in the honeycomb print on the pillow cases surface.  The honeycomb pattern will vanish when exposed to heat, showing how the graphene in the pillowcase is absorbing all radiant heat it encounters (see included handprint image.)  This is an extrodinary sleep product that benifits you in the above described three ways when in use.