Who we are


Founded in Eugene, OR in 2003, Innovative Sports Inc. brings together the best wearable components to provide the gold standard heating system for wearables.  We invented the heated pitching sleeve, and the first portable heated jacket in history.  We provide customized versions of our proprietary heating system to teams for integration into their apparel and equipment, to keep them warm during competition.  We also pioneered the production of graphene compression sleeves and apparel in 2023, which emit far infrared rays when activated by radiant body heat.  These compression designs were the first of their kind to be sold in the United States.





To provide wearable heat and performance enhancement products, in the lightest, safest, most dynamically controlled forms available.


We are known throughout the industry as the first company to create portable heated products. We have been the leading
innovator in the field as well, being the first to introduce the following technologies to the market:


-First to use lithium batteries in a garment


-First to produce shaped lithium batteries with a curve for comfort of   wear


-First to use conductive threads for heating


-First to use exterior mounted switching for
 heating system control


-First to integrate USB ports in heated clothing battery for charging phones


- First  to eliminate  connecting wires in wearable heating systems



- First to provide intelligent thermostatic temperature control (Patented)


-First to provide smartphone control of a wearable heating system (Patented)


-First  to offer licensed heated jackets to fans in college or pro sports


-First to provide heating systems to US Olympians


-First to provide gel based hardware in electronic sportswear


-First to offer graphene milled fabrics in sportswear